Our Technology

SolarLEAP is committed to designing and manufacturing unique low-cost, low-power consumption computers designed specifically for off-grid areas and other areas with unreliable power grids. During the design process, we determine the overall system cost to run a computer in areas without reliable access to electricity. By implementing the right components in our design, we can provide a powerful, modern computing experience while reducing overall cost.

Currently, our unique 17.3" widescreen monitors draw only 11 watts of electricity. When combined with the SolarLEAP desktop computer's 12W, you have a level of power consumption on par with most netbooks, while affording much greater screen size, performance and features. Both the monitors and computers are designed to run on 12V direct current power inputs, so they can be run directly off a solar-powered car battery, or run on mains power using a standard 'brick' power adapter.

Our unique 17.3" widescreen monitors draw only 11 watts of electricity.

In addition to the hardware, SolarLEAP preloads each computer with either Ubuntu or Microsoft Windows (either XP, Vista or 7). As many of the schools we will work with do not have internet access, SolarLEAP adds value to each computer by installing our unique free, open-source digital library. This digital library works with any operating system, is easily modified and upgraded, and can even be streamed over a local network.