The SolarLEAP Impact

What would your life be like without electricity? What would you lose out on? As citizens of the 'developed world', we rely on our infrastructure for many integral parts of our daily life. How would you be impacted if you couldn't use a telephone, or a computer, or even basic lighting? For billions of people living in developing countries, this is an every day reality, and perhaps the most effected group of people are students.

So far, more than 100 SolarLEAP computers have been built and distributed in schools and orphanages throughout the world. The computers have a proven track record in both Nepal and Ghana, where 15 schools and one orphanage have been using these computers for over a year. Students who had previously been learning how to use a computer from a textbook can now interact with one directly.

SolarLEAP puts modern technology in the hands of students and teachers, enabling them to enjoy and learn the same level of technology that is standard around the world. Students from rural areas no longer have to make the choice between staying with their family, or travelling to a school that can offer a competitive education: they can take the SolarLEAP into the digital age.